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      1. Western Alumni
        • relive homecoming 2019

          Relive the memories

          Homecoming 2019 in photos

        • thompson centre launch

          John M. Thompson Centre

          Alumnus advances engineering, leadership, innovation

        • installation 2019
        • fall 2019 alumni gazette
        • purple perks

          Purple Perks

          Unlock exclusive discounts and services

        บอลสด บราซิล

        alumni and counting

        Ways to Connect

        Alumni Tour

        Western’s new President Alan Shepard is coming to a city near you.

        Get your Alumni Card

        Unlock access to exclusive services and discounts.

        Update your info

        Moved? Changed your email? Let us know so we can stay in touch!

        Submit a Class Note

        Share your news and photos with fellow alumni.



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        Alumni Gazette

        Wizard of Words

        Will Nediger, BA’11, has had 30 of his crosswords in the New York Times

        Alumni News

        Startup harnesses ‘power of music’ for all

        Co-founded by Ryan McCaul, BMus’17, Inclusive Instruments transforms mobile devices into adaptive instruments for anyone with a disability.

        Connect With Us

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